My name is Drake, and I’m from Franklin, Tennessee! I’ve always had an affinity for performance, dancing around my living room doing goofy voices for my family from a very young age. I’ve always enjoyed doing character voices and imitating accents that I hear around me, even getting in trouble one time for mimicking the voice of Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter when I was supposed to be cleaning something up. Since then I’ve grown in my love for theatre and the voices came along with me, I have used them for speeches when campaigning for the presidency of my ITS board in highschool, when helping with small functions and some simple puppetry, and many more things just to entertain myself.

Who am I?


My first introduction to playing an instrument was joining my school band to play the clarinet and bass clarinet, and in highschool decided to pick up my mom’s ukulele and learn a few songs which led to a deep love for accompanying myself. My sophomore year of college I decided I wanted to play the guitar so I saved my money and bought one so that I could teach myself how, and now I have a small guitar collection mostly focused in vintage guitars. Since then, I have written a few songs, and continue learning more skills to help me with my music. I have realtively basic piano skills, but given sheet music and some time I am confident in my capability to learn a piece. I have also run a barbershop quartet for two years in my college career, using notation software to make easy access sheet music, backing tracks and vocal part tracks, as well as transpositions!

Special Skills

I enjoy learning new special skills, most recently is juggling. During the summer quarantine in 2020, I happened to see a video of someone juggling and I hadn’t succeeded in past attempts to learn this skill, but I decided this was the time to make it happen and I found a new skill that I really enjoy! I can beatbox, I did Tae Kwon Do for a good number of my formative years, and I am an intermediate speaker of the German language, and hopefully once that is mastered I can learn another! I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself and grow into the best version of me possible.